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We are able to test vehicle Class 1,2,3,4,5 and 7.

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test is an annual safety check to ensure that a vehicle meets the minimum safety standards and levels of emissions set out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. If your vehicle is 3 years old or more then you are required by law to have a valid MOT Test Certificate and are required to renew this annually.

All our MOT Tests are carried out to DVSA guidelines and include a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it is roadworthy and safe.

What is checked during a MOT?

  • Vehicle Identification Number: VIN number is undamaged and matches the paperwork
  • Registration plate: Reg is correct and secure
  • Lights: Clean and working and secure
  • Brakes: Performance and condition
  • Horn: working
  • Steering and suspension: Checked for wear and play
  • Wipers and washer bottle: Checked that they work and clean the screen effectively
  • Windscreen: Checked for damage
  • Seatbelts and Seats: Condition and security
  • Fuel system: Checking for leaks
  • Emissions: Ensure vehicle meets minimum standard for age
  • Bodywork, Doors, Mirrors: Condition and security
  • Wheels and Tyres: Condition and security

What can you do?

There are a few things that you can do, even with no mechanical experience that can help to improve your chances of passing your MOT:

  • Check that all your lights are functional. Give your indicators, brake lights, hazard light and even your number plate lamps a quick check.
  • Check your wipers and washers. Make sure that your washers have water in them and that they are spraying correctly. Also make sure that your wipers do not have any significant cracks or chunks taken out of them.
  • Check your tyres. Do any of your tyres have and cuts or bald patches on them? If a tyre is too worn, this can be a failure. If you have a spare tyre, consider using this instead – spare tyres are not checked as part of an MOT.
  • Check your horn. Have you used your horn recently? Double check it is working.
  • Check your mirrors. Give your mirrors a quick once over to ensure that they are not loose.

What happens if your vehicle fails its MOT?

Don’t panic! If your vehicle fails the MOT test then you will need to have repairs stated on the failure certificate carried out. However, we will retest for free within 10 days.

Being a Servicesure Auto Centre means our customers feel safe in the knowledge that CR Motor Engineers have the required technical capability, knowledge, and parts to carry out MOTs to any manufacturer’s specification. Our customers can expect the same level of service but with significant cost savings over main dealers, without invalidating a manufacturer’s warranty. Added to that all our parts and labour are covered under the Servicesure National Warranty Scheme.

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